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Crown Him His Glory Ministry
Rev. Jeana C. Flory
821 Brubaker Drive
Kettering, Ohio 45429
Phone: (937) 294-6438
Cell: (937) 572-0270

     God is looking for His Bride that He can spend time in intimacy with. Jeana carries an anointing in the spirit realm to see by open vision how to prepare the way for the King to come and meet with His Bride. Jeana wants to multiply what she has done so others can see and understand how to prepare a place for the Bride Groom Redeemer to come in. You may view such prayer room scenes and have the permission to draw from these to build your own place for the King to come and fellowship with you. Remember, its all about Him and how He sets the pattern just as He gave Moses the instructions and allowed him to look into heaven and see the Holy of Holies. Everything God does is a blueprint or patterns and He will enter as you prepare for Him. Please enjoy the Prayer Room scenes from which you may draw the anointing.

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Prayer Rooms

Preparing the Bride
for the
Return of the King!
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