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Introducing Torah
Introducing Torah Have you ever wondered about the Torah?
What is the Torah and is it relevant today?
Jeana's E-Book: Understanding Torah will answer these questions and more. You will find that the Torah is ALIVE and relevant today as much as it was in Abraham's time. You will see that Paul's teaching does NOT do away with the Torah as so many people misunderstand the scriptures. You will find that The Torah is the Living Word of God!
Introducing Torah
E-Book Version $5.95
Introducing Torah
Print Version $20.00 plus shipping

Love Letter to the Bride of Christ

    Jeana Flory of Crown Him His Glory Ministry is called by the Father to prepare the Bride for the soon return of the King. Jeana releases the glory and anointing of God with the Spirit breathed Word of God. Listen as the Love letter from the Bride Groom Redeemer speaks to the Bride, calling her into preparation and intimacy. Jeana ministers through prophetic teaching in churches and conferences. She helps many in day to day life through the power of the spoken Word and worship.

Excerpts from A Long Love Letter
by Margaret Ruth Baker

You Are A Jewel

    You are a Jewel!  God fashioned your heart, gave you a light
and a song before you were even born. In the tradition of Christian mysticism, Linda Cruz, an anointed Bible teacher with a prophetic mantle, shares personal dreams, visions, and stories to help you understand the jewel analogy to the human spirit.  Then she traces jewels from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem.  This book
is a rare and precious gift from her heart to yours.   It will awaken
you to a spiritual awareness of God's loving view of you as His precious jewel created to manifest His glory.

To purchase this book visit the All His Jewels website.
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