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Crown Him His Glory Ministry
Rev. Jeana C. Flory
821 Brubaker Drive
Kettering, Ohio 45429
Phone: (937) 294-6438
Cell: (937) 572-0270

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     In 1985 God spoke to Jeana through Holy Spirit to change her garments and put on makeup so that she could be taken into the people. Jeana was raised in a Holiness Pentecostal church. She could not understand Holy Spirit's direction so she asked God why. Holy Spirit directed her to go study the Jewish woman. As I began to study the life and culture of the Jewish woman I found that she was dressed beautifully. Attiring herself with designed jewelry and adorned with makeup that would compliment her husband in the market place, their home, as well as the Synagogue.
     In 1995 God spoke to her again. Jeana began walking in an Esther anointing and God said to go and prepare His bride. God took her into the beauty realm of His Kingdom. Jeana began to study the Jewish wedding in 2004. In the beauty of the types and shadows of the Jewish wedding she found the preparation of the Bride of Christ. Jeana illustrates this so elegantly that it causes both Jew and Gentile to fully understand God's gracious love for them. God is calling a people to come into His Kingdom for such a time as this. He is calling one new man, Jew and Gentile, back together again to be grafted into the same vine, with Yeshua Ha Mashia, Jesus the Messiah. Eph.2:15

Jeana's calling:

Preparing the Bride
for the
Return of the King!
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